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Provided by government and industry to help residents go green.

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$0.03 kWh

A typical residential solar powered system
will produce energy at $0.03kWh.

$0.12 kWh

The power company charges residential
customers $0.12/kWh for energy.

Make the switch to solar without
spending a penny.
Installing solar adds value to your home.
Solar can cover 100% of your electricity bill.
Solar provides significant savings over 25 years.

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Step 1


We want to create the perfect customized solution for you and your home. A qualified Urban Solar Consultant will schedule a visit to sit down with you and your family to understand what you want out of Solar, plus the benefits it provides for your home. Our advisor will showcase every feature of your new Solar Power System which is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have! This first step is key to guarantee you have the top solar system solution based on your needs.

Step 2


The design process starts off with a blank canvas that we transform into a 3D computer model of your Solar Panel System. We use architectural drawings to show and select the right solar energy products to fit onto the home, so you can visualize the product before installation. All design models are submitted for approval to your HOA to ensure it follows the building codes and guidelines - so you can enjoy your new system stress-free.

Step 3


At Energy Choice, we deal with all the necessary permits and schedule the required inspection based on Florida's jurisdiction. A full plan application of your Solar Panel System is sent to the building department for review before permit issuance. This process establishes that we have the safest, most efficient plan for you in order to move forward with the installation.

Step 4


We develop the entire installation process to monitor every inch of your project. Our team is made up of highly trusted and trained individuals with years of experience. Every day of the development is important to us, so we aim to work hard and flawlessly to provide your solar system and savings quicker - without costly hang up's or project delays.

Step 5


The final step before making the switch to Solar Power is called PTO - "Permission to Operate". We coordinate with your local utility company and municipality to give us the ultimate approval. They do one last check to ensure safety, protection and efficiency. Once we have been officialised to grid interconnection, you will be switch over from your utility company to generating clean energy. Congratulations!

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